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Shipping Freight Calculators

This is the first of its kind international shipping freight calculator, developed in 2001. Air and Ocean Container Shipping Rates will be displayed on the screen in seconds. 

Ocean Freight Rates and Air Cargo Shipping Rates automatically use online shipping calculators.  International Shipping Freight Calculators provide instant quotes from all the major airports and ocean ports.  Ocean Container rates and cargo rates will appear instantly on-screen.  International Shipping quotes can be booked online.  International Shipping Calculators are programmed with the most competitive shipping rates in the industry.  We are quoted in "Building an Import Export Business" Fourth Edition by Kenneth D. Weiss as an essential trade tool. "Essential reading for anyone concerned with importing and exporting" by the  International Small Business Journal. The APX Instant Online Freight Calculators and Quote Generators are an essential tool for shippers, entities who perform projections such as government agencies (IMF), and inspections (COTECNA / Bureau Veritas (BIVAC)), and the general public.  Consumers and corporations agree that by utilizing The Freight Calculator, they have gained market share, increased their productivity, resulting in a more considerable turnover of orders, and lowered their net operating cost. "The “market” has rewarded our commitment to automation, affordability, and quality.  Automation has helped us gain time on the competition and lower our shipping costs while maintaining high customer service standards that have proven to be the decisive factor in choosing a transportation company.

Shipping Worldwide Air-Forwarder
International Air Cargo
From All USA to World
Shipping Worldwide Container Shipping Containers
Ocean Freight Rates
From USA to World


To provide an alternative to the big boys as a viable trustworthy and proven option for Air Cargo International Shipping Services From USA.  The Air-Cargo-Calculator For International-Shipping From USA will give you automatic pricing from Main ALL-CARGO Airports in USA.  ALL CARGO Aircraft Heavy Lift Worldwide Instant Air Freight Rates.  All shipments are sent on a master air waybill therefore we provide the most expedited form of Air Cargo available under T.S.A Rules in the United States.  


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  • Ocean Container Shipping Rates are uploaded on the international freight calculator and are based on the best contract rates in the ocean shipping industry. Choose 20 or 40 foot ocean shipping container rates, ocean consolidations LCL Shipping and Ro/Ro Cars, Boats and Heavy Machinery.  The freight calculator will quote you instantly right on your screen in seconds.

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