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International Shipping Freight Calculator For Air Freight Export From USA via Air Cargo Aircraft as a TSA Air Carrier Using Feeder Service to Major Airports.   Ocean Freight Broker For Full Container Rates and Ocean Consolidations Providing the Best Rates in the Industry From USA. Instant Freight Rates Online




Project Cargo Specialist in Heavy Freight and Oversize Loads Export From USA Utilizing The Best Air Freight All Cargo Aircraft Since 1991.  Global Ocean Freight Broker Services Complete our Global MAX Network Project Specialization making sure the best rates are posted online.


Since 1991 our clients have included the US Military, State Department, Charitable Organizations, Industrial Shippers and Household Goods Shippers.  Our experts in Heavy Freight extend their services from any city in USA to all corners of the World. No Freight is too small or too large.


The first of its kind online freight calculator is still the best tool in the business.  We are quoted in "Building an Import Export Business" Fourth Edition by Kenneth D. Weiss as being an essential tool in the trade. "Essential reading for anyone concerned with importing and exporting" by the  International Small Business Journal. The Instant Online Freight Calculators and Quote Generators are an essential tool for shippers, entities who perform projections such as government agencies (IMF), and inspections (COTECNA / Bureau Veritas (BIVAC)), and the general public.  Consumers and corporations agree that by utilizing The Freight Calculator they have been able to gain market share, increase their productivity resulting in larger turnover of orders and lower their net operating cost. "The “market” has rewarded our commitment to automation, affordability and quality.  Automation has helped us gain time on the competition and lower our shipping costs while maintaining high customer service standards that have proven to be the decisive factor in choosing a transportation company."


Global MAX Network

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